Major live-recorded British screenings throughout the event


Major live-recorded screenings from the Best of British Cinematic theatre will include The Royal Shakespeare Company’s latest production of Macbeth featuring International Emmy Award winner Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack and The Royal Ballet’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland created by Tony and Olivier award winner Christopher Wheeldon, distributed by ATW Culture and Trafalgar Releasing in China, as well as  the exclusive 25th anniversary screening of Phantom of the Opera from the Royal Albert Hall, and the sequel Love Never Dies, both composed by Master of Musical Andrew Lloyd Webber. Moreover, films nominated for awards as part of the China British Film Festival will be screened each day. 


The Best of British will also feature live performances from leading lady Li-Tong Hsu (徐丽东), who will be performing songs from the Chinese version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical ‘Tell Me on A Sunday’. Show dates and times will vary, so refer to the daily schedule for the specific show dates and performance times.

China Britain Film Festival Opens at Best of British on 18 Oct


The China Britain Film festival will kick off with a celebrity packed red carpet on the evening of 18 October at Best of British.  The audience will have a rare opportunity to experience the unique charm of the China Britain Film Festival. There will be daily films screening live from the ‘China Britain Film Festival,’ including ‘Lean on Pete’, ‘The Party’, ‘Ethel and Ernest’, ‘The Audience’ and ‘The Finest’. And the production team of Film Festival will also be unveiled.