As the only designated sponsor for the Best of British VIP Lounge, Jaguar Land Rover comes to the show with multiple high-profile models. As the British royals’ preferred ride, Jaguar Land Rover has, since its inception, captured the fantasy of many celebrities and royalty, including, among others, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Marilyn Monroe. Queen Elizabeth II rides in her own special model of Land Rover for parades, and HRH Prince of Wales was present to cut the cake at the brand’s 60th-anniversary celebration. Princes William and Harry have also used Jaguar models during their weddings. The brand’s long connection with aristocracy has made Jaguar Land Rover exclusive as it is the only auto brand that has received four honor certificates issued by the British Royal House.

Over the years, Jaguar remains committed to its aesthetics and technological pursuits. By building the best UK automobile that combines performance and aesthetics, the brand offers consumers unique UK elegance and luxury conveyed in a personal message. Land Rover continues its mission to serve customers in all terrains, including its ever-advancing ATRS all-terrain technology. Thanks to this ongoing innovation, Land Rover is well-positioned to offer all-terrain vehicles that suit the needs of Chinese consumers.

Jaguar Land Rover will be joining hands with leading UK luxury lifestyle brands to offer colorful activities at the VIP Lounge. Over the four-day event, these activities will cover topics spanning across, among others, education, investment, luxury jewelry appreciation, and royal etiquette. Visitors keen to experience first-hand authentic UK elegance can register to take part.