Based in Scotland, operated by mother company Grieg Seafood Shetland for nearly 30 years, Ocean Quality is the largest salmon farmer in Shetland and also an international sales company of Grieg Seafood and Bremnes Seashore.


Production of high quality safe food is our main task. Food safety and quality hold high importance to our customers. This requires full traceability and strict quality control at every stage of the production of salmon, from egg to market. The absence of unwanted microorganisms, chemicals and medical remnants is a prerequisite for providing the customer with safe food. Salmon is a healthy alternative and a good source of the healthiest Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet (especially DHA and EPA). We focus on feeding the fish so that it receives enough Omega 3 to also benefit our customers.


We have produced delicious salmon for consumers in all corners of the world. Great progress has been made on sustainable salmon production, but numerous challenges remain. In particular, it is important for us to maintain the sea as healthy and productive, both today and for the future. With shareholders who are committed to sustainable and long-term value creation, our overall target goes beyond short-term operational profitability. We care about the footsteps we leave behind us. Our vision “Rooted in nature – farming the ocean for a better future”, describes how we intend to run our operations.