Bentley China is a member of Hong Kong dachang group, is the only authorized general agent of British bentley cars in China, since 2002 entered the Chinese market, successfully created a brand new luxury sedan market in the country, and constantly introduced various bentley super luxury models to meet the needs of domestic fans; There are about 300 bentley cars in China, mainly in Beijing and Shanghai. In 2004, bentley ranked as the most popular brand among the super luxury cars with more than 40 percent of the votes in the "multi-millionaire brand trend survey" of the magazine baifu. In 2005, bentley ranked first among the World's top luxury brands in the World Brand Lab, and won the reputation of the World's most luxurious automobile Brand. Meanwhile, it has been ranked as "the most popular ultra-luxury car driver" in the hurun rich list China's multi-millionaire brand survey for two consecutive years.