British Manufacturer of premium, but accessible priced confectionery (sweets), in particular ‘Boggle Mints’ a 100% Natural, Vegan friendly, Gluten free re-invention of a British traditional sweet which have sales in the UK circa £27 Million annually and existed in UK for over 80 years, but not in our modern format and recipe and never sold previously in China.


Boggle Mints are designed to be a real challenge to chewing gum sales. Boggles go through a special process to make them Heat Resistant, with absolutely no deterioration in flavour or texture when stored in extreme temperatures, in particular inside cars for example in hot countries. This is unlike current traditional British versions.


They are also sold in premium sealable travel pouches, so a ‘refreshing everyday travel sweet’ will been the focus of marketing in China. We are shortlisted for inclusion