To get the most out of life we have to make quality choices and aspire to the best in every aspect to achieve the perfect balance of health, happiness and enjoyment.


Water is a life force.


Royal Doulton® ELITE home drinking water filtration system brings a new dimension to drinking water quality; combining the very best technology, research and materials to set a new standard.


In the Royal Doulton® ELITE a high-specification ceramic filtration candle provides
absolute filtration by removing >99.99% of many contaminants and particles.


The system draws on a rich heritage of innovation in ceramic technology. In the 19th
Century, Royal Doulton® was asked to create a water filter for Queen Victoria’s household to provide clean drinking water from London’s filthy River Thames.


Over 180 years later, Doulton® still stands for the highest standards in water filtration delivering a premium product that is perfect for a luxurious lifestyle.