In 1959, the Suez Crisis lead to cut-backs in oil supply. Sir Alec Issigonis was assigned with the task of designing an extra-small model for the British Motor Corporation that would “maximize the usage of dimensions for four seats, sporting driving behavior and low consumption”. The one and only Mini was born. In the decades following, many classic models were came from the original, driving through race tracks and countryside, being loved by royalty and rags, creating a legend in auto fashion.


In 1994, BMW took over the Rover Group and Mini along with it. The MINI was reborn in 2001 and changed its name to MINI, becoming the third independent brand under the BMW Group. In 2003, MINI brought the original, individualized car with karting fun into China. During the past 14 years, the MINI family has been growing to a big family. In the future, MINI will continue to lead all segments it enters.