The first piece of McVitie’s was created back in 1892 UK by the Master of bakery - Alexander Grant. With the history of more than 120 years, McVitie’s has been broadly loved by consumers globally and  sold in more than 100 countries. Honorably, McVitie's has been assigned to bake Royal wedding cake for 3 times

  • 1893, George V and Queen Mary
  • 1947, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
  • 2011, Prince William and Princess Kate

Go Ahead

Go Ahead  was firstly launched in 1996 EU as a healthier biscuit choice for consumers. In UK, 1/5 UK families purchase Go Ahead. Every year, there are 200 million packs sold out, which means 380 packs sold out every minute. Go Ahead has become a well-known healthy biscuit brand since its launching.