From the ancient times to the modern days,staying young never falls short of pursuers.Juan Ponce de León, the renowned Spanish explorer in the Renaissance, heard from the local Indians the legend of Fountain of Youth when he was with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. Later he set off in search of the Fountain around half of the globe after he received funding from Juan Carlos I-the then King of Spain.Although he's search was in vain, but he collected many herbal formulations and herbs with rejuvenating effects. According to the legend, he wrote down more than 100 formulations and applied it in Europeans daily lives. Some of them are still in use today, as the secret recipe for European upper classes.


Margrete Gaultier, as a European herbal skin care brand, collected more than 40 of Juan Ponce de León's secret formulations.The brand combines the ancient ways of extraction and preservation of natural herbal ingredients with modern cosmetic technologies to make skin care products that suits modern needs for people suffering skin problems caused by pollution and high pressure, and cater to their higher needs of skin care. Margrete Gaultier is writing the modern day legend of "Fountain of Youth".