Formed in 2014, Easy Way Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. origin from UK & European handmade snacks, now devoted to introducing of exquisite packaged foods and drinks worldwide. The company works with professional distributors, can reach more than 5000 sales terminals, list products in all hyper market in China big cities.


Our products are from all over the world, representing high quality, high value, high taste, to bring you the best feeling!


Iceni British Natural Mineral Water, bottle filled at resource in England, through the cretaceous deep underground, purified naturally, to ensure a pure and balanced taste.


Simply Cornish Shortbread, handmade cookies from the UK, with 150 years history, inherited by the most experienced craftsman in Britain. The shortbread is delicious, made by best quality raw materials and handed down recipes from generation to generation.


The Great British Crisp Company is the best of British in a bag! Created by one of Great Britain’s foremost craft bakeries with over 150 years of experience in snacking. We are the only crisp company that use Cornish Sea Salt alongside our other premium British ingredients and potatoes. We offer a specialty range of truly British crisps from British classics to our nation’s favorite meal concepts.