Brooks England LtdA Company that have been in the business of cycle saddle manufacture for well over a century. In 1865 John Boultbee Brooks set out from his place of birth, Hinckley in Leicestershire, with little more to his name than ambition and £20 in his pocket. He made his way to Birmingham, where just one year later he established a business under his own name, producing harness and sundry leather goods for horses. Twelve years later, after the unfortunate death of his own horse, JB Brooks borrowed a bicycle for his commute to work. He was excited by the possibilities of this ingenious new mode of transportation, but pained to be seated upon it hard wooden saddle, and vowed to do something about it.


By the Autumn of 1882 he had filed the first of many patents for a leather bicycle saddle. The company expanded rapidly after the success of these revolutionary designs, producing many other new products for cycling, including outerwear, robust luggage but also a myriad array of cycle bags. With each splendid addition to the expansive range of goods, Brooks Products established themselves far and wide as the benchmark of quality and style, becoming thus the byword in handcrafted goods for the contemporary cyclist for which they are known today.